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Funny general knowledge questions about India

A question I find often asked in India is: what are the funniest Indian general knowledge questions? What I find interesting is how they take these things from somewhere else and then stretch them out to fit to India!

In fact the best of funny general knowledge questions about India are frequently, when we see Indian themselves stretch something that they heard from somebody in the other part of the world and then expect us to believe them. What really happens is that they are comparing a foreign culture or ‘culture’ with India. What’s the big deal?

The best of funny general knowledge questions about India generally pertain to drinking and smoking. So here’s an example: Some guy wants to know why it is that Indians don’t drink alcohol at all. He says: “I have never seen a person drinking alcohol” or some other thing to that effect.

To this one you can tell him, “Well, if you’re talking about a group of Indians who go to a country where people do not drink, then why do you come here?” And then in the reply you might suggest something like, “Well, as the one who’s here I would naturally ask you that. How could I not ask such a question”?

In the best of funnies I can tell you about funny general knowledge questions about India, Indians tend to compare different cultures or treat them as one. But in a way they’re still looking at things from their own point of view and logic and historical perception.

Another thing about drinking and smoking that many Indians like to compare is about cartoons. For example, they might say “Ok, so what is so funny about this cartoon? If you compare it to the rest of the world, nothing would be funny”.They would be actually saying that if one cartoon is presented to the rest of the world, it is surely not funny.

This fact that people see many things in such a way makes them quite curious about what actually happens in India. If they go to some place in India and come back, they’d actually think that such thing happened to them. So, by and large they do give these things in the form of general knowledge questions.

Yes, these are fun questions, but if you can’t answer them then they’re even more funny. So they are a way to see how funny Indian culture actually is. If you can’t answer them then it’s a far cry to ‘look at it from your own point of view’.

Interesting facts are also common and get lots of questions. Here are some examples: “Who do most Indians like to travel with?”, “What is the biggest festival celebrated in India?”

And if you can’t answer them, then a general knowledge question about India is simply a lot of fun to you. It may even be more interesting than the answers! As we know Indians are very interested in things such as sports and especially in the one sport that they have a special place in: cricket.

As a good example, let’s say that there’s some kind of war and some Indians are fighting against some army. Nowadays, when there is a war, the media mentions a war day in and day out.

In this case, funny general knowledge questions about India can have many examples of when Indians celebrate war days. All the more fun if you look at them in a light of humor.

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