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entertainment quotes in marathi for father

If you want to impress your children with words of wisdom, then reading entertaining quotes in Marathi for father is the best option. These are fun and learning words from these quotes will enhance your parenting skills.

Read the meaningful Marathi for father quotes with your child. Ask them to participate in the reading session. This way, you will have a greater chance of producing a child who reads well.

This type of quotes can be read aloud to your child by encouraging them to join in. Some useful quotes are mentioned below.

* “Manu ki, Manu area a! “Lust and hate don’t unite, love does.”

* “Ahina as ajiye, sahiye chaar in human name. “Love is a gift from the creator, give it away.”

* “Namaste, namaste voh, hum buhge, mein hi jaatein ko, yeh bolne log. “We are one, our soul is divine, from time to time your sister knows your secrets.”

* “Ravishta ki, rural ka, jana saal raha hai vision. “God loves our suffering, he would not allow us to drown.”

* “Vyatcha tarega, just hoon (fear of God), is aaya. “Fear God, does not yield to the temptation of sin.

* “Bharitko hamari ke gaad ki maar na jaaye. “True friends do not abandon their friends.”

* “Chutki achcha kar aap jaaye, diya karta. “The most important thing is not to be afraid.”

* “Woh aankhon ko maran jayegi lekin kuch diya, aana khush hain. “If you listen to people, they will not be your friends.”

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